This is a current facility list of the machines owned and operated 

Qty 1:   Pulsar 2415A4NT 4kw, 5' x 16' Production Laser 

Qty 12:  3' - 12' Brakes, 20 - 250 Ton Capacity to include:                                                 Di-Acro, Gasparini, Niagara, Accupress & Wysong

Piercing Equipment
Qty 2:   33 Ton Amada - 345's with Auto Loader

Qty 1:   Amada Vipros 357 Queen, complete with six shelf cell controller




Qty 2:   33 Ton Strippit / Punch Presses

Qty 1:   22 Ton Wiedemann Centrum 2000


Shearing Equipment:
Qty 1:  Wysong Shear 12', 1/4 capacity

Qty 1:  Wysong Shear 10' 1/4 capacity

Hardware Equipment:
Qty 4:  Pemserter Series 4L Pneumatic Press with cab

Timesaver Equipment: 
Qty 3:  20" Timesaver Machines

Qty 1:  24" Ramco 

Metal Debrurring Equipment:
Qty 6:  Small Deburring Machines


 Qty 1:  B-400 ( 4’ Long ) LOWN Plate Roller

Welding Equipment:
Qty 4:  Spot Welders capable of welding aluminum, stainless steel and cold roll steel

Qty 3:  Miller Heliarc Welders

Machining Equipment:
Qty 3:  Bridgeport Auto-Feed Milling Machines

Qty 8:  Drill Presses (Clausing / JRT / INC)

Qty 1:  Nardini-MS 1440 E Lathe

Material Handling / Delivery:
Qty 1:  Fork Lift

Qty 2:  Manual Hand Jacks

Qty 3:  Delivery Trucks:  
1 Van, 1 Box Trucks, and 1 Pick-up

Machining Tooling:

Qty 1:  Clausing CNC Mill                                                     Qty 4:  Drill Presses   

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Qty 2:  Hardinge Production Lathe                                        Qty 2:  Brown & Sharp Surface Grinder


Qty 1:  18” Southbend Lathe                                                 Qty 1:  12” Cold Saw


Qty 1:  18” Nardint Lathe